Gift Yourself

While I get more pleasure out of giving (and the subsequent gift wrapping) to others, especially around the holidays, I will not deny a gift to myself if I see an item at a competitive price point that I can see becoming a staple. It is easy to become so focused on others’ needs that you lose mindfulness of yourself.

The holiday time can be so stressful, so in addition to a material splurge, give yourself a mental and emotional break, whether that be a spa day, yoga class, or fifteen minutes of meditation every morning. Lately, the fiancé and I have been waking up twenty minutes earlier to share a mug of coffee. While minimal, by waking up a bit earlier and changing my mornings, I have eliminated the rush and subsequent toll it takes on my mental state, effectively improving the remainder of my day.

But back to your material splurge –

You will see that these are organized into four categories, and yes, nearly all items are available in tall.

Fancy and Festive

fringe dress •  leather pant • sequin skirt • studded pantlayered dress • peplum cami • pencil skirt • bow back dress • jacquard dress

Holly Berry Plaid

red tartan • pajama pant • red plaid • green buffalo • the “Mrs. Griswold” skirtearmuffs • plaid mini • red and black mocs • fringe scarf  • bric-brac trim heels

The Frosting on the Cake

tote pouch • gloves • half-moon purse • barrette • necklace

Going for Cozy

cable sweater faux fur wrap • shawl coat • bootcut cord • velvet pant • skinny cord • sweater dress


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