A Fab Collab: New Balance x J.Crew

If there is one thing I love, it is a good brand x brand collaboration. Lanvin x H&M? I experienced extreme remorse that I did not get in line for that. L’Wren Scott x Banana Republic? I absolutely bought every item released in tall. (RIP L’Wren Scott. You were my tall woman spirit animal and your collab with BR was absofuckinglutely ingeneous.) Lilly Pulitzer x Target? My alarm was set for the early morning online release and once I realized what a dumpster fire the Target website had become, you bet your money that I sprinted to be first in line at the Hyattsville, Maryland Target and had the then-boyfriend / now-fiance stalk his then-local Target on the west coast for the items that I hadn’t procured (nail polish, hats, headbands).

You can understand that I was thrilled when my go-to brand, J.Crew, collaborated with New Balance, to release an active line. As difficult as it is, I have done my best to put out of my mind the political stance of the New Balance brand, as touched on in What I Returned and Why: A Feedback Story. As a result, I have become especially discriminate in whether I keep items from the line.

As discussed in a prior blog entry, I returned the seamless pants. Something about sporting a unibutt is just unsettling. The tops, however, were a home run. I purchased two hoodies of the same style and two tanks of different styles. I love that all of these items run long in the torso. What I love even more is that the tanks do not let gravity take over while I am in down dog.

I bought the colors that I just had to have during my initial New Balance x J.Crew haul. I am keeping my eye out for the yellow hoodie and tank and any other items that get marked down. Let me know if you catch on to a sale before I do, because these items have made getting ready for a work out all the more fun. As far as I am concerned, if that makes me motivated to work out, then count me in!

Featured items: hoodie // ruched tank // basic tank

The items on my shopping list: jacket // tank with built-in bra // printed long sleeve tee // printed sports bra // running shorts

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