Never Drink Absinthe on NYE

In compliance with my commitment to love the clothes that I already have in my closet – and I DO love those clothes – I wore a dress from several years ago for New Years Eve. Perhaps I got taller and perhaps I got wider, consequently causing my dress to hang less lower, resulting in feeling a bit overexposed in my dress.

My go-to peacoat, a pair of opaque tights, and several absinthe cocktails later and I didn’t care how short my dress was. I still love the brand (Tibi) and the style (metallic sheath). I cannot wait until the next time I think to wear it!

These are the only photos we got from the night. I blame the absinthe. #commitments2017

pearl necklace // pearl earrings // peacoat // tights // gold pump //  cable classics bracelet with black diamonds // quatrefoil ring // cable classics bracelet with pearl and gold

3 thoughts on “Never Drink Absinthe on NYE

  1. Love this look! In my time as a personal shopper/stylist I understand the constant struggle of finding clothes for ladies that are either very petite or tall that fit properly.

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