Whole30 Lessons: Week 3/4

I am writing this with three days left in my Whole30. Since I last wrote about lessons learned on Whole30, time has flown by and I completely missed writing about it for week three.

Truth be told, I broke one of the rules this morning. I weighed myself. The ten pound weight loss (in 27 days) was very encouraging. I tried on items in my closet that previously did not fit. Being able to button shorts that I couldn’t two weeks ago is more motivating than the weight loss.Β I like to think that my body has gained muscle mass in lieu of fat, thus keeping some weight on.Β I worked out at least five times a week; a mix of yoga, barre, bootcamp, and cardio boxing. The lesson here is that I should have adhered to the rules and kept the scale packed away; rather just try on clothes that previously did not fit the way I liked.


With the wedding in about six weeks, the fiance and I agreed to extend our Whole30 to a Whole60. We are on a roll and in a good rhythm, so why not take advantage, amirite?

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