Join the Krewe

Sunglasses, like most accessories, are the best because while not all of them fit all faces, height does not come into question when finding a pair that works. #tallgirlproblems #tallgirlsolutions

It is no secret that I am the hugest Krewe du Optic fan. I think I wear them more frequently than I wear Ray Bans aviators and wayfarers combined. I would say that I am wearing a pair in 65% of blog posts.

Krewe is a New Orleans-based sunglasses company. It was founded in 2013. Pairs have a lifetime warranty.Β I am especially stoked that they just released a special edition, Stella, and I am dying for it. Stella is a custom acetate made in collaboration with Mazzucchelli 1849.

At this point, I just need to pick which Stella to add to my collection. Weigh in now with opinions. I have narrowed my candidates to the following:

clockwise from top left: jade lenses //Β grey lenses // gradient grey lenses // amber gradient lenses // gold mirrored lenses

These are my Krewe picks:




intersteller // black // pink

The solid black ones and pink ones are on my shopping list!


yellow lenses // amber lenses // pink lenses

Not kidding, Beyonce has been spotted in the amber lenses.

patterned framesΒ // black frames with accent


I definitely have two pairs of these already.

oyster // tortoise



I wear this style in yellow all the time!

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