Muse Monday: Brooke McQueen

Does anyone else remember one of Ryan Murphy’s first television series, Popular? Let me take you back:

In the years following the premiers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawson’s Creek on The WB (#RIP), the now-defunct network capitalized on the trend of the teen-focused television show and movie. (Take this as my call for the resurgence of a teen movie renaissance.) This materialized as the teen dramady, Popular, premiering in the fall of 1999.

Growing up in a household with one television and an overcommitted afterschool / evening activity schedule, it was not a television show that I made a point of watching every week. When I did tune in, however, I took note of what one of the main characters was wearing. The queen bees of Glee, Scream Queens, and every other subsequent Ryan Murphy series, have nothing on Brooke McQueen.

Unfortunately, there is not many full length outfit photos of this character. As this was at the turn of the millennium, I can confidently say that the costume designer incorporated Calvin Klein references into the character of Brooke McQueen’s wardrobe. Let’s break it down:

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