My Book/Mark/Downs: Brooks Brothers

I previously discussed how I stalk down items until they meet a price I can see paying or my size becomes available or my credit card rewards are available. I loved everything from last fall from the Brooks Brothers Red Fleece line (the cuts are just longer across the board) and have still yet to shop it all. Why would you shop it if the sizes have not cleared out and it is still ninety degrees outside?

Now that I have made peace with autumn, I am readying to buy some cold(er) weather clothing. They again hit it out of the park with this fall release. This is what I put in my shopping cart:

green and red wool blazer // green and red wool skirt // cropped plaid jacket // plaid a-line skirt // red tartan blazer // mixed tartan skirt // plaid cape // fair isle sweater // navy striped sweater // striped pleated skirt // plaid flats // lace and black watch dress // argyle sweater // satin clutch // navy striped blazer // navy striped skirt

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