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Want to know my favorite item of tall clothing?

I am certain that you could tell by the post title and the above images that the answer to that would be sweaters. Even brands that have tall lines seldom include a tall sweater assortment. (This is me giving the side eye to J.Crew. To only have a long length Cambridge cable crewneck, cardigan, v-neck, and turtleneck…)

When I was a junior in high school, I fell in love with a Gap black merino turtleneck sweater. My mom purchased it for me despite the fact that it was dry clean only. My mom would rarely purchase dry clean only items, so you have to understand what a huge deal this was for me. Because it was 3/4 sleeves, I was not concerned if they were too short; they were intentionally cut that way! I wore it with a pair of Gap red satin cropped pants (also got them in black and my little sister had them in gold) that, again, were intentionally cut short and looked phenomenal on a tall, lanky frame, if I do say so myself. And I do. I felt unstoppable in that outfit. History test? Wear the outfit. Showdown with the coach of the dance team about the team uniforms? Wear the outfit. Running against the class mean girl in the student council runoff election? Wear the outfit. And then win that election.

The length of the turtleneck in the torso worked with the rise of the pants in a way that I did not have to worry about my midriff being exposed. I knew what it was like getting sent home from school for “wardrobe infractions,” and I wasn’t going to chance getting sent home from second block Biology with Ms. Boatner again. (Just kidding. I despised that teacher after she threw me under the bus for something that I could not help and I would have been happy to get out of the class.)

Fair isle, striped, cotton, merino. I will take them all. I have in my possession or have ordered most of the above sweaters in tall, and I can say with the confidence of my go-to junior year outfit, that they are winners.

merino wool crewneck // merino wool turtleneck // cotton cardigan // stripe crewneck //
fair isle crewneck // fair isle stripe crewneck // merino wool crewneck // cashmere crew sweater

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