Muse Monday: Serena van der Woodsen

I have been binge watching Gossip Girl lately for what seems like the eighth time. So much frock candy. I loved it back when it was on the air as it felt like a Vogueย magazine come to life. Also, my roommates and I made up a drinking game around it. (Drink when Dorota starts a sentence with “Miss Blair”. Drink when Lily has her hair styled in a deep side part, low up-do.)

Seasons one and two were the best. Don’t @ me. I still run eBay searches for “Gossip Girl”, “Serena van der Woodsen”, “Lily van der Woodsen”, and “Blair Waldorf,” hoping to find pieces from the first few seasons.

Once you page through this, head over to the Lincoln Hawk Fan Club podcast. Tyler from Fashionista and her boyfriend break down one episode a week. They are hilarious and I guarantee you that soon, you too will be looking forward to their new episodes on Fridays Mondays.

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