Getting Festive With My Bad Self: For the Little Sister

My little sister is one of my favorite people to give gifts. She is awesome at pinpointing exactly what she wants, while still delighting in a surprise. Cut to the year she had no idea that there was a Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag coming her way. She cried tears. And years later, it is still on rotation in her closet.

This year she gave me three super specific ideas:

jegging // earmuffs // earband

Ear warmth is so clearly of utmost importance this winter.

My little sister is also big into beauty. Not vlogger or blogger level, but definitely more so than I am. She is the one who introduced me to the Caudalie beauty elixir. (Or rather her dog, Elsa, did as the gift was “from” her.) She has not really caught on to Glossier or Frank Body yet. I am especially looking forward to introduce her to the former, as the natural/low-key philosophy of Glossier is very consistent to her approach to skincare and make-up.

eyebrow product // blush // body scrub

For part two click here.


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