Getting Festive With My Bad Self: For the Husband

For part one click here.

My husband is super tricky to shop for. The family pajamas that I gave him last year? Well, I am still wearing mixing the piped pajama top, albeit with my pajama bottoms. This year, I am going to stick to what I know he wants. Unfortunately, all he wants is something super basic and not at all exciting…

Phillips lightbulbs


This is all he wants from Santa. Le sigh. We are officially in adult territory.

The husband bought a tuxedo for our wedding. He is fancier than he will let on. I just know he just is itching to break it out again. I have my eye on these pieces; I know he would love mixing them with the tux pieces already hanging up in our closet.

blue plaid tux jacket // red plaid tux jacket // tartan accessories

Lately, the husband has been loving his Lululemon sweatpants. I mean, to the point where I don’t think he actually wants me to wash them because the line drying takes too long. I discovered this matching set that comes in long, for the hoodie and the pants! Throw this set on a delicate setting in the dryer and don’t worry about the length shrinking – that much, anyways.

hoodie // sweatpants

For part three click here.

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