A Philadelphia Stepford Wife

A Philadelphia Stepford Wife

I was so excited to join Long Tall Sally at the Philadelphia pop up shop this past Saturday. Initially overwhelmed by the selection of product at the shop, I spent the first 45 minutes of my time there publishing Instagram stories of the standout items, and guys, every piece was better than the last. I [...]

Holly Berry Plaid

  I am obsessed with these plaid pieces. All brand new, just released! With today's cold snap in Philadelphia, I think I am officially ready to get into the festive mood. Now excuse me while I order the pants. They come in tall!  vest // camisole // tall pajama pants // scarf // flats

How To: Jury Duty

Last Monday I reported to the Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center for jury duty. I have lived in Philadelphia no longer than eighteen months, but my number was up. Having had to report once while living in Washington DC, only to be released shortly after lunch, I had an idea of what to expect. No later [...]