Don’t Book Back

This year it is decided. I am going to read more books.

As part of one of my resolutions, I am not going to buy more books. Why? Because my iBooks queue is beyond backed up and I have more hard copy books that our bookshelves can handle. That four by four in the background of the above photos is only one of three in our apartment. Yes, to be fair only half of the space is taken up by books, but regardless of whatever space I may have, I think I should not add to that until I finish reading what I have. And what he has. The Keith Richards memoir? I will be reading that after I finish the Jane Austen compilation. It is all about balance, you know?

Don't Book BackIMG_1473IMG_1463In the meantime, I will leave you with my favorite books read in 2017:

dress (℅ Long Tall Sally) // pumps (old, similar, similar) // necklace (old) // green stone cuff // earrings (old, similar) // pearl cuff // black diamond cuff // bow cuff (℅ Mignon Faget) //  quatrefoil ring // beaded ring (℅ Mignon Faget)

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