Shopping Moratorium 2018 | 2/360

This past Monday I mentioned that I tried on much of my clothing in mid-December. There was so much of it and I love it all. Most of what I have are not items from recent releases; I either have collected the pieces over the years or bought old items NWT it via eBay. Tragically, I do not fit into most of it. As addressed on Monday, I have plans to remedy that.

After a holiday season of shopping like a madwoman (granted not just for me) and the Lilly APS of seasons past, I have a bloated closet. During the last few weeks of December, I was listening to Pop Fashion podcast (highly recommended) and the hosts were discussing an essay detailing a year without shopping. I was inspired. After reading the essay the hosts were citing and reading up on a few accounts of years without shopping, I grew inspired to do the same. Along with clothing, shoes, and accessories, I am putting a shopping moratorium on the following:

  • beauty products
  • hair products
  • home decor (I will allow myself to indulge in floral bouquets and candles.)
  • daily espresso drinks (This is symbiotic with my commitment to Whole30.)
  • books (I already have too many unread.)
  • iTunes (with the exception of season five of Southern Charm, because live a little)

Prior to purchasing any of the following, I will do an inventory of what I have in the apartment to make sure that I am not adding to what we already have (and usually in excess):

  • basic hygiene items (toothpaste, body wash, deodorant)
  • food (We have like, five bags of frozen broccoli. Why? I do not know.)
  • cleaning supplies (laundry spray, anti-bacterial wipes, paper towels)
  • gift wrap (WHY do we have so much gift wrapping supplies?)

I am writing this hours into my moratorium. By the time this posts, I will be three days into it and guys, I am really excited for leaning my spending.

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