Eye Spy

This may be gross, TMI, albeit mundane, but I have to share something that I am really pleased with myself about.

Since last August, I have been vigilant about taking my contact lenses out every night. This came after a meeting with my new optometrist. Before that, for the few months prior I was taking them out once a week or once every two weeks. For someone who would spend weeks (months? perhaps.) in the same set of lenses, this is quite the feat. Technically the lenses I used were FDA approved for wearing to sleep. Regardless, it is amazing that the contacts never fused to my eyeballs.

I think I was adverse to it because it is painful when putting them in backwards, which I was frequently apt to do. Practice makes perfect though because in the past few months I have gotten the routine down to seconds.

How embarrassing that I have to commit to this, but here is keeping up with that practice for 2018.

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