Muse Monday: Elizabeth James

First I have to preface this by stating rest in peace Natasha Richardson. She was beautiful, classy, talented, and I remember the day that I found out that she had passed away. So tragic, and especially for the husband and family she left behind.

The contemporary re-make of The Parent Trap was one of my favorite movies growing up. My sister and I watched and re-watched the movie during the winter break of 1998-1999.

I think the story stills holds up today. How funny it is to watch the movie and look up cast then-and-now photos. Did you know that the character of Meredith Blake was twenty-freaking-six? For the record, when I was twenty-six, I was finishing up my second grad degree, wearing nothing but Gorpcore, nowhere near dating anyone, let alone a single father of one owner of a vineyard.

I loved the style of Elizabeth James. The costume designer really nailed the chic, mom, J.Crew catalog look.

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