Splash: Lilly Swim is BACK

Does any one else recall of the old Lilly Pulitzer swimsuit line? I found it to be so odd when Lilly Pulitzer exited the swimwear market, circa 2014. While I do not have experience with the swimwear line of yore, how strange it was to discontinue swimsuits of a resort line?

Ladies, granted we had no idea that the reboot was on the way, the wait was worth it. I recall only triangle tops and string bottoms in several colorways in the former line. This next generation line has more variety of styles: tank suits, different (presumably more supportive) top cuts, and several bottom variations. While I was scrolling, I was reminded of the Lilly x Target swim line. I loved the collaboration and I would be lying if I said that I was not the first in line at my local Target, so this similarity is a good thing!


halter plunge suit // printed lattice suit // criss-cross back tank suit // solid lattice suit


tankini top + bottom // twist top + bottom // underwire top + bottom // halter top + tie bottom // triangle top + string bottom

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