SATC to Square One

Lately, I have been bingeing and re-bingeing the first season of Sex and the City, much to my husband’s dismay. While I unquestionably love all episodes of SATC up to “Ring a Ding Ding”, the first season of Sex and the City was the best season. It had the best style. I said it. I meant it. I am not taking it back. To be frank, I am partial to late nineties fashion. The minimalism, the color palette, and the futuristic allusions.

In the mid-aughts, I read an article about color theory and why certain types of colors – metallics, neons, primaries – come into style in certain years. This article explained that the metallic colors that dominated the end of the millennium were a reaction to looking forward to the future. In the years that the adults fretted about the millennium bug, it would only make sense that we dressed in the palette of computer chips. 

These days, the kids are really into early nineties styles; a few glances of what I see walking around Center City and my mind goes to Reality Bites, Singles, and the first three seasons of The Real World. I am looking forward to the day that late nineties Calvin Klein minimalism takes over. Goodbye, chokers. Hello Prada nylon. Over the past few weeks, I found a few items that recall that era. Here is hoping that what I have found is an indication of better things to come.

clockwise from top right: pink tank // stone camisole // asymmetrical dress // slip dress // one-shoulder shirt // grey v-neck camisole // satin cropped pants // mockneck dress


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