Shopping Moratorium 2018 | 60/365

How has Shopping Moratorium 2018 been going? So glad you asked!

I have effectively broken the moratorium, but I have been so much more thoughtful about my purchases. I have found myself asking a series of questions when I get tempted to swipe my card:

  • Is this piece a classic?
  • What is the fabric content? Subquestion: Is it polyester? Substatement: Just say no to polyester.
  • Will this go on markdown later?
  • Would it be a good idea to order it in a variety of sizes now to determine my size, so when it goes on final sale, I will know what size to order?
  • How will I wear it? Are there a ton of options already in my closet?

So what have I purchased (and not returned):



velvet skirt

skirt (in lavender and navy blue)

velvet tank

tank (in ochre and blue)


Seersucker Ruffle-Neck Dress


pink tweed dress


3 thoughts on “Shopping Moratorium 2018 | 60/365

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