I am Sam

I remember my first brush with Kate Spade. I read about the brand in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and Vanity Fair. They were such aspirational publications and I could never possibly be as chic as the women for which those magazines were intended. Later on there was Lucky magazine, which seemed so much more relatable than the trinity. R.I.P. Lucky Magazine.

I cannot remember whether I read about the brand first or whether the choir for my high school went on their school trip to New York City first. You see, these girls discovered the Canal Street Kate Spade knockoff and brought them back to Long Beach High School en masse. I can recall the bold stripe style of these bags so clearly. None of these gals were investing in the real thing, of that I am certain and of that I am certain that everyone in school was certain. After that brush with the faux Sams, I knew I wanted one of these bags, but the real thing.

Later on during a viewing of SATC, Charlotte York mentioned that she didn’t bring any tampons with her on a night out because they did not fit into her Kate Spade purse. If Kate Spade is good enough for Charlotte York, then Kate Spade is good enough for me, as long as I buy a size in which I could store my feminine supplies.

I am amped that Kate Spade reissued the Sam. I just had the browser open to the Sam shop and my husband wanted to take a look for future gift ideas. Even he can recognize a classic! 

classic (available in black, pink, stripe)


quilted (available in black and gray)




leather (available in black, pink, off white, blue)


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