Muse Monday: Jamie Buchman

The 1990s was such a golden era of network sitcoms and Mad About You is one of my favorite sitcoms. Along with Friends, Will & Grace, and Just Shoot Me, Mad About You dominated television in my family’s living room. I frequently rewatch the third season, as I it is the only available season available on iTunes.

The cast of Friends entered collective negotiations once certain cast members’ stars began to rise. Did you know that Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser also negotiated for equal paychecks? Pretty progressive stuff for the 90s, especially when you consider the Mark Wahlberg / Michelle Williams debacle of 2017.

I relate to a lot of stuff that Jamie and Paul go through in the series. As a yuppie couple, many of the storylines hit close to home. I always pictured Jamie’s life as one that I wanted to emulate – career! husband! apartment! – and now we are merely missing our Murray. (And our Mabel.)

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