Is This Coat a Mistake?

I was instantly attracted to this coat. I think it is because it reminds me of the 1990s. If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know how I am into the late 90s.

I remember thumbing through a ‘Teen magazine circa winter 1996-1997. There was most definitely an article that outlined your astrological sign style. Even being the power sign of a Leo, I found myself to be incredibly envious of what was assigned to the Capricorn: dark denim and metallic accents. One of the featured items was a metallic silver puffer and I immediately needed it. I cannot recall what was assigned to my fire sign birthday. But really. How ridiculous of my preteen year old self to even put stock in what a magazine recommended because of my birthdate.

Back to the metallic silver coat. Several years after reading through that fateful issue, I noticed that Sidartha on SATC wore a similar silver coat. Is it strange to covet the coat that a man is wearing? [shrugging emoji] It kills me that I cannot dig up a still of Samantha and Sidartha dining at the health restaurant post-yoga class. Trust me and re-watch the episodeΒ The Drought.

This all brings me to the following question: is this metallic silver coat a mistake? Weigh in.


2 thoughts on “Is This Coat a Mistake?

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