Muse Monday: Andy Sachs

I find the character of Andy Sachs, as portrayed by Anne Hathaway super annoying; nearly as annoying as the actress (“It came true.” [vomit emoji]). Who does not study up on not only the company, but also the person one is to report to for any given opportunity? For any given interview, I ask human resources with whom I will be interviewing. Cut to me finding every bit of information about the person.

True story: when I interviewed for my current job, my research concluded that one of the VPs with whom I interviewed and to whom I currently report, graduated from LSU. Cut to me jokingly ribbing him about being a Tiger and talking about the 2003 championship in which the team beat the Sooners. Then we talked shit about Alabama, because nobody likes Alabama. Except Alabama and southern townies who did not attend college.

Despite being as despicable as the gal who portrayed her, Andy made quite the metamorphosis. I wouldn’t expect anyone at the assistant-level to dress head-to-toe designer and, quite frankly, that does not make for an interesting wardrobe. (I prefer the Carrie Bradshaw school of thought when it comes to mixing designer into a wardrobe.)

I would however, expect someone to be able to read the room and translate that to a closet. Who hasn’t heard the phrase, “Dress for the job you want.”? I actually prefer dressing just a notch above your boss. Not enough to incite envy. (Sidebar: Believe me when I say that during an after hours get together with my office mates circa 2012, my supervisor gave me a look when someone complimented me on my tweed dress and asked where I found it . I responded Milly. For the record, I found the dress on Gilt and bought it to present my Master’s thesis.)

I unpacked a lot here and not only about Andy Sachs’ style. Shall we cut to the photos?

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