#tbt My Preservation Date

Years ago, while I was in graduate school, I wrote a blog about historic sites as potential places to go on dates. I always enjoy re-visiting the blog and re-reading my snark. So much so, that I thought I would share selections from it across this platform. From Spring 2011:

After ten years of dating, I have been taken everywhere from the ballet (good, love The Nutcracker), to a baseball game (bad, my legs are too long to fit in the seats comfortably), to the Jim Henson exhibit at the Smithsonian (ugly, but that is a story for another time). While The Nutcracker was lovely and my date had picked up on my interest of ballet, let’s face it, this is not the norm. I was reflecting one day and I realized that in the past ten years, I have never been taken to a historic site on a date.

Although I have only recently graduated with my Master’s of Historic Preservation, I have been obsessed with old architecture since I was nine years old and visited Herculaneum/Ercalano with my fourth grade class on a field trip. Frolicking around the decrepit bathhouses (mind you, my nine-year-old self had NO clue what had occurred in those very bathhouses prior to year 79 – I just thought it was lucky that the Romans had a place to go swimming!), my adoration of architecture was cemented.

Since I am now studying real estate development (emphasis on tax credits and open land acquisitions for [battlefield] conservation purposes), in between studying for Law and working at the UMd School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation VRC for my graduate assistantship, I have found myself to have too much “Lulu time.” Whenever I am idle, I tend to engage in a raging brunch habit or spending a little too much time at Wonderland. Either way, I end up overindulging and who wants that?

Not me.

Last semester I strategized and combined complementary past course notebooks that were only halfway used with my current courses (ex.: Preservation Law + Real Estate Law = true love…Preservation Economics + Tax and Accounting for Real Estate Developers = bastard binder baby). I constantly found my attention drifting off and looking back at old preservation notes and reminiscing studying something of which I was passionate. How I missed learning about the flurkuchenhaus and Native American Graves and Repatriation Act!

Since I have recognized that I have never been taken to a historic building/site on a date, my free time and the subsequent overindulging and its effects, and how much I miss studying preservation, I decided that My Preservation Date was necessary for me to reengage in what I first fell in love with. Every weekend, I will visit a different historic site in DC, take photos, map it, etc and rate it’s date-ability (listen up fellas!). Then I will assess the nearby bar and restaurant selection and choose the most enticing, because not only is it not a real date if someone does not spend money, but I also have to manage to bribe someone from my social circle accompany me and I know nothing will serve as the biggest carrot as an adult beverage.

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