Muse Monday: Michelle Obama

No matter political affiliation, Michelle Obama is woman to be admired. The most educated FLOTUS in history, she has outdone me and I have more degrees than a protractor. A wife of a powerhouse of a husband, I relate to her in that despite the fact that I have always been driven by academic and professional ambitions, his career comes first.

I once heard that she requested a salary as FLOTUS. Initially I was outraged that she felt entitled to a salary when, during the recession, ordinary Americans were struggling. These days? I get it. I loved the program she instituted as First Lady; we all should eat more broccoli and get in more exercise! The health initiatives she introduced were a perfect compliment to her husband’s signature health care program.

What I admired about Michelle Obama’s style is that, while she had high end at her disposal, she wore so much accessible fashion. I still own the pencil skirt that she happened to wear on a late night talk show. For the record, I bought it prior to her appearance and how exciting it was for me to discover we had similar tastes! Despite the fact that it no longer fits me and I haven’t worn it since 2015, the skirt hasn’t seen the light of my eBay account for the sheer reason that she also wore it.

Sidebar: did you know at 5′-11″, she is part of the tall girls club?

My favorite FLOTUS’s looks:

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