Pouch Potato

Two years ago, my sister and I were shopping at my local J.Crew, where we discovered an insane (in a good way) tote bag and clutch. Both were made of a fantastic pink / lavender hologram fabric. So said my sister that they burnt her eyes just looking at it.

Conversely, I was in love with both of them. While I did not purchase it that day, I obsessed about them for about three weeks before locating the tote online and pulling the trigger. I carried that tote bag everywhere with me that summer and the one after. Case in point:

Everywhere I carried this tote, compliments were abound. At work. In the ladies room where ever I brunched. From the on-stage hostess at a friend’s comedy show. It was, and still remains, the ultimate ice-breaker. Sadly, it sold out not too long after I purchased it.

I am so excited to share that the pouch version is once again available! Shop now because this baby is sure to sell out.


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