The Generation Wrap

When I was in high school, wrap skirts made up a good portion of my summer clothes. Keep in mind that I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, so it was summer from March until October. I have the distinct memory of wearing my Rainbow flip flops on February of my senior year. You just cannot pull that move when you are north of the Mason-Dixon line.

I also distinctly remember at least three wrap skirts that I insisted for my junior year back-to-school wardrobe: a classic dark denim, a bright orange floral print (the Hawaiian trend was big that year…), and a purple gauzy fabric over a turquoise layer (…as was the Moroccan-Bohemian trend). I wore the latter for the first day of school with a sleeveless white knit shirt with a lace up neckline and bright turquoise flip flops. I loved it then and still love that I wore that now.

A few months ago, I wrote about wearing what you know. Let’s stick with that and bring back the wrap skirt. Luckily, we have a retailer ready to help us with that movement, and even better, offered the following skirts in tall. #andtheangelssang 

solid skirt // striped skirt

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