Counting Sheep

I am so into pajamas right now. I recently purchased a few particularly classic sets – one complete with my monogram – and I just love them.

Because it is very difficult to find pajama pants in an appropriate length (36″ or longer, s’il vous plaît) and I just do not like the way cropped length pajama pants feel creeping up, I tend to look for shorts sets, especially in the summer. Is there anything better than spending the day at the pool, applying aloe, then slipping on a pajama set and turning up the central air conditioning and taking a nap? Me thinks not. #itsthelittlethings

In the case of the following sets, I found that going up a size yields the most comfortable fit and really, that is crucial for getting good sleep.

set // budget version 

black set (also here) // green set (also here) // budget version top // budget version short


printed pajamas


navy set (also available with option for monogramming here) // navy budget version // grey set (also available with option for monogramming here)


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