A Blue Ribbon Dress

I have written before about my admiration Lily’s style from the movie Thoroughbreds. (Fashionista did a really great article here.) I could compare it to Blair Waldorf’s style, but I think that is simplifying it too much. Lily’s outfits were much more complex. Especially when the costume count is low, every single detail of an ensemble has to say something about the character.

This dress is something I could see in Lily’s closet. That grosgrain ribbon? Ugh. Everything. The contrast between the lace and the ribbon makes the dress. Imagine me wearing the tall version (#andtheangelssang), a lightweight wool navy gold-buttoned blazer, and Gucci loafers. I am getting fall vibes from this combination, so I will have to wait until October to take this outfit on its maiden voyage.

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I try on the short pants, so you don't have to.

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