Muse Monday: Sutton Brady

I was not as into The Bold Type when it premiered last summer as I am invested in it these days. I think because I caught on that the show underscores the professional pursuits of the three principal characters above any love life exploits, I have become more into the story lines.

Sidebar: on the theme of professional-girls-on-the-go, I highly recommend Younger. After re-watching the first season of The Bold Type, I watched seasons one through four of Younger within one rainy weekend. A weekend well spent, indeed!

While the three main characters are style-forward, the wardrobes are not as well defined as those on other series. My mind goes to the Serena / Blair dynamic. I attempted searching for articles on the style of Sutton Brady, Jane Sloan, and Kat Edison, as well as the show in general, and was shocked to find that although it initially aired over a year ago, it has not been addressed in the manner of Serena, Blair, Jenny, or Vanessa.

I had reservations about posting about Sutton Brady because I do not think we have seen the best of her style. However, I wanted to get this out there because she serves up some grade A sartorial ideas.

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