Shopping Moratorium 2018 | 188/177

“…But that’s where I stop myself short to consider the reasons that I participate in a trend — why I buy fashion that appeases said flights, and equally as often, fashion that doesn’t. One common denominator sticks out among these decisions: Impossibility. Impossibility of what? Unseeing what has now been etched into my psyche as a veritable saving grace. The holy grail. Glory, glory, hallelujah. My closet will never be the same without x or y. If I could only get my hands on z, I’d never need another thing. It is addiction to be sure — a roaring lion that yells over my shoulder, louder and more forcefully each time I try to ignore it until, eventually, I give in and watch as it whispers into the past, now a satiated lamb. But I don’t notice any of this part because I am busy marveling in the rush of my saving grace; my addiction has paid off! Until, before I know it, the next roaring lion has taken its place.” – Leandra Medine

Under the suspicion that credit card rewards are but a gateway to get me to spend more, I had an experiment in mind. I would save my rewards for the next month and just not shop at all, even if I was risking missing out on a bargain or an incredible item. I did not use any rewards and I did not buy anything at all. Not a first, but it has been awhile since I have gone that long without adding anything to my closet. The sense of control is phenomenal. Is this sense of control my new drug?

I used to use eBay to find stuff that I missed during the first go ’round of primary retail. Then during my last semester of graduate school, I did a marathon closet clean and listed items galore on eBay. I had no idea how much of the stuff would end up selling. What I thought would be a way of deaden the pain or parting with old things, ended up supplementing my income while I was in my last few months of graduate school. Yes, I know I can give it to my local Goodwill or consign it, and this is something that I consider when looking at the condition of an item.

While I know we are in Philadelphia for the foreseeable future, I also know that my husband’s job will eventually, inevitably, relocate us. I do not want to have to move with six large Rubbermaid bins of off-season clothes. Because of that, I am starting #projectpurge. Phase one is listing the stuff I would feel at peace with parting. A morning of listing stuff on eBay and the first phase is underway.

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