Cloud Orange

If anything, this blog has served as a great reminder to cease pulling the same dress out of the closet. Lucindervention, formerly Scouting Tall, is a great exercise in being mindful in not only what I choose to wear every day but also how I choose to allocate how I spend money on clothing. (Spoileralert:notfrequentlythesedays.)

I typically only wear this caftan over a swimsuit to a pool.ย I stand by caftans being the the optimum summer day outfit, ideal for keeping ventilated.ย My plans for this past Saturday – getting the tires on my car replaced, super glam, I know – included a decent amount of walking from the mechanic to the nail salon to brunch and back to the mechanic, compounded with a 95 degree day, required an outfit that would keep me as cool as possible. Rather than layering over a swimsuit, which would not be at all pleasant once the sweat glands became active, I layered over a slip.

While I bought the caftan from Calypso St. Barth (R.I.P.), it was actually a third party brand. I made the purchase in early 2017, I think? Needless to say, the caftan is no longer available for purchase via primary market, at least. However, I linked four similar options that are on my hypothetical resort wish list.

caftan (old, coolchange, similar, similar, similar, similar) // slip // sandals // sunglasses (alternate colorway, alternate colorway,ย  alternate colorway) // tote (old, Tory Burch) // watch // neon bobby pins (old, J.Crew) // bracelets (old, J.Crew) // necklace (old, J.Crew Factory)

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