Too Clutch of a Good Thing

I initially spied the oyster version of this clutch years ago. As in, I was still living in DC when it came on my radar. Loved the clutch, was not so crazy about the nearly three hundred dollar price tag. That much for a satin clutch? The gang at Brooks Brothers must be out of their damn minds.

I had big plans for this clutch. It was to be the piece de resistance of my Pennsylvania Ballet Fall Gala ensemble. It was the same shade of neutral as the print of my Parker gown. Like I said, big plans.

Earlier this year during their anniversary sale, I attempted to buy the clutch. As in, I ordered the clutch, and a few days later received an email that the item was out of stock. Nevertheless, the clutch still appeared on the website as available. I was even able to throw it in my electronic shopping cart. When confronting the Brooks Brothers Twitter account, I was told that it was likely due to my internet browser’s cache.

Weeks later, there was a super rare promotion: an additional percentage off on markdown items. By this point, the price point was hovering over one hundred dollars. Rather than digitally accosting the Brooks Brothers social media team with another inquisition about the clutch, I ordered it. Four days later I was unpacking it.

Both the black and oyster version remains available.



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