Bodysuit Up

I experience everlasting FOMO when it came to the bodysuit trend. Sure, I bought one from Long Tall Sally over a year ago but was dismayed when the medium fit in the width, but not the torso. I bought it on final sale. It ended up going the way of eBay.

I died when I saw that these bodysuits were available in tall. Standard stretch solid cotton? Striped stretch cotton? Shell pink silk? God’s gift to the tall gal who will not tolerate her shirt becoming untucked from her suit pants. What a fantastic way to maintain a streamlined silhouette! Typically I would be skeptical about putting my stock into the garment, especially given my first experience with bodysuits, but I find the tall sizing to be consistent with this brand and have no reservations about recommending it!

stretch cotton solid bodysuit

stretch cotton striped bodysuit 

silk bodysuit

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