Muse Monday: Jenna Lyons

Did you know that Jenna Lyons tops 6′-0″? Fact! I love that in every photograph of her than I have seen, she holds herself up in perfect posture. It is such a struggle to do that; it is still a challenge for me. The irony of this is that despite being more confident in myself now that I am in my thirties, I killed it at holding myself up while I was a more insecure high schooler, likely due to the four-to-five days a week I spent at the dance studio. There is no slouching in pointe!

Speaking of my younger years as a lanky gal, Jenna wrote a particularly powerful essay for Lena Dunham’s Lenny newsletter. If you have not yet read it, um where were you during the fall of 2015? While my adolescence was not nearly as painful as hers as recounted in the essay, I think that her painful period resulted in our collective gain. Meaning her experiences in feeling like an outcast and later, part of the popular crowd due to her creativity when it came to designing and executing clothing for her not-standard-length frame, resulted in her success at school and later, J.Crew.

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