Shopping Moratorium 2018 | 212/153

I lost my shit this month, shopping-wise. I definitely not as perfectly disciplined as I was during June. Shame, shame, shame. Here goes:

I happen to love a jewelry brand that was selected for the CFDA incubator back in the late aughts. Gemma Redux was frequently featured on Gossip Girl, which is how I and many others discovered the brand. Unfortunately, the designer behind Gemma Redux, Rachel Dooley, closed up shop and stopped production a few years after finishing the CFDA incubator period.

These days, when I can find any Gemma Redux jewelry at a competitive price, I jump at the chance to buy it. After making offers on the five pairs of earrings and combining shipping, I got them for a combined $150. I found a necklace that coordinated with one of the pairs and outbid the lowest bidding in the last minute of the auction, for a total of $55.

Gemma Redux on eBayΒ // Gemma Redux on Poshmark

I bought this dress and this dress and this dress. All brand-new.

wrap dress (alternate colorway) // lace dress // tweed dress (solid version)

I bought the pink jeans and loved them. Unfortunately the size I ordered was too big so they were returned. I have been stalking them for another promotion and in a smaller size. I scored them and a pair of sage green ones during a 50 percent off markdown promotion. With a $25 rewards card, they were a combined $35.

green denim // pink denim

I love old Tibi and old Milly. These days both of the lines are super clean and super minimal, especially the former. I love everything that made it extra during the late aughts. Prints? Yes, please! Chain detail? Sign me up! Metallic accents? In the cart!

Tibi on eBay // Milly on eBay

blazer // pants // dress (also here, alternate colorway)

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