A Fab Collab: Birkenstock x Opening Ceremony

You want to know what I love? My silver glitter Arizona Birkenstock sandals, that’s what! I purchased my pair via J.Crew circa summer 2016 and subsequently pranced around Philadelphia in them, during my first days in the city. For that reason, I will always associate those sandals not only with my current season, but also living with my then-fiance for the first time. Such memories!

What keeps my sparkle Birkenstock sandals in my closet and not in the Goodwill or #projectpurge eBae pile is that they are just so freaking comfortable. Wear those babies in a downpour and they are molded to your feet forever. Does anyone else remember begging her / his mom for a pair of the Birkenstock Boston clogs for school shopping? Just me? Just me and my little sister? Okay, so it may have just been both of us.

Tap into that would-be school shopping budget, because Opening Ceremony hit it out of the park with their collaboration with the 90s purveyor of grunge / college student footwear. This collection is everything and if you ask me the only fault in it is that they did not make enough.

Arizona sandal // Boston clog

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I try on the short pants, so you don't have to.

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