Muse Monday: Miranda Hobbes

Ten years ago, nobody out of my friend group wanted to be the Miranda of our posse. I distinctly recall sitting in the living room of the house I lived at throughout graduate school discussing the topic with my three roommates. The Charlotte and the Carrie of the house were clear cut. I was the Samantha, in that I had a liberal outlook, albeit not in a personal promiscuous way. (As this conversation was taking place during the first semester of graduate school [in which I was suffering from Imposter Syndrome] and therefore a particularly demanding course load, dating [and banging] were not a priority.)

When the fourth roommate realized that this left her as the Miranda, I remember G. deadpanning, “REALLY, GUYS?! THANKS.” However it was her realistic, no-nonsense perspective that made us identify her with who has, these days, become realized as the MVP of the core four. These days, G. remains one of my favorite people from whom to receive a text message, schedule a lunch date, etc. She has that same wit, comedic timing, and delivery as Miranda, always tinged with a degree of irony.

Since then we have all come to the conclusion that Miranda Hobbes was the GOAT of the SATC four principle characters. I never hated the character’s style; it was just always very of its time and the style of the remaining characters just aged better. However, by the second movie, I assert that her style is definitely something to be admired and consequently pinned.

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