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In light of recent tragic news, I re-read Dirty Sexy Politics by Meghan McCain. Full candor: I voted for John McCain in 2008.

Oh relax, I voted for Obama in 2012. I vote on issues, not party lines. If you follow my Twitter, this shouldn’t be a shock. There is nothing I love more than freedom, although I do not believe that extends to not having to answer for one’s actions. 

This book was written back in 2010. While I am sure her perspectives have changed in the past eight years (aren’t we always ever-evolving?), Meghan McCain framed herself as a moderate Republican, a RINO (Republican in name only, a term with which I identify). She argues that the Republican party has to reconcile with the young people who identify as the moderate right, if the GOP were to survive.

Eight years removed and considering the volatile political climate the United States is currently in, I find it interesting to read her insights and how everything ironed out. Some of my highlighted sections includes the following:

  • “If I’m totally honest with myself, the only score that I may be trying to settle is the one with the Republican Party, which seems to have lost its way in the last ten years.” Prophetic. I wonder if Meghan McCain ever reflects on this thought.
  • In regards to the Barry Goldwater brand of politics and his legacy, she writes, “It was about removing fences, not building them.” I wonder if she thinks about this in regards to the wall.
  • About a potential presidential match-up between Mike Huckabee and Barrack Obama, “A hyperconservative candidate has no chance of winning against President Obama. That is why the Republican party has to start being open to new people, new blood, and new ideas.” I don’t think Meghan McCain meant the Tea Party, the rise of evangelicalism, and Donald Trump.

Prior to re-reading Dirty Sexy Politics, I had been considering reading What Happened. One of my bridesmaids and I discussed that while she read it and enjoyed it, it is still too soon for me. If it is too soon for you too, I would recommend reading Meghan McCain’s book.

Let’s re-read it again after the next presidential election cycle and reflect on her insights from a new perspective.


Dirty Sexy Politics by Meghan McCain


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