Muse Monday: Carrie Bradshaw

The most detestable member of the SATC core four, every Carrie thinkpiece written from 2013 to the present has demonstrated that we have collectively experienced the inverse for the character than the realization we all had for Miranda. I felt neutral about her from the beginning. She was the narrator and we experience the series through her eyes, so by design the audience has to love her. I do not think she is very loveable though.

Remember when she expected Charlotte to offer money for her apartment-conundrum? (AKA the episode I watched while still in high school that taught me important lessons about living within one’s means.)

Carrie sent Aiden to help Miranda when she was literally down and out on her bathroom floor. And naked. (Granted I once sent a boyfriend on a similar mission: a graduate school roommate was dental-drugged and in the DC central business district; however, B. was not naked and I had an afternoon class that day. The disposable picked her up and brought her to Boston Market for take out mashed potatoes and then brought her to back to the beloved hostel. )

I digress.

I guess Carrie has interesting style? While she was known as the fashion plate while the series was on the air, I find the others’ styles to be much more interesting. Charlotte’s classic closet, Samantha’s sassy suits, Miranda’s asexual staples. The aforementioned B. once said that Sarah Jessica Parker (and by extension, Carrie Bradshaw and Patricia Field) really knew how to work what she had, and I think that statement totally nailed it.


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