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For the past week, I could not wait to get home from work and break out #fashionvictim: A Novel on my iPad during my daily hour on the elliptical. Truth-be-told, these visits to the gym are not necessarily “daily,” but looking forward to reading this book got my ass doing cardio. Ironic because via Fashionista’s interview with the author, Amina Akhtar touched on the reality of not only weight shaming that goes on in the publishing and fashion industry, but also other problematic themes.

I took the entire book to be a metaphor for working in this particular facet of the publishing industry. The author has authority to write about it, as she has certainly been there, done that. Name the publication, print or digital, and Amina Akhtar has appeared on the masthead.

The tone is so over the top, it reminded me of the film version of American Psycho…

Howard! It’s Bateman, Patrick Bateman. You’re my lawyer so I think you should know I’ve killed a lot of people. Some escort girls in an apartment uptown… uh… some homeless people, maybe five or ten.

…which is exactly how I described #fashionvictim: A Novel to my husband when he asked what I was reading.

The end of the story for character of Sarah Taft reminded me of Cat Marnell, a notorious beauty editor for the now-defunct Lucky magazine, and her time spent at the Bellevue. I particularly liked the final exposition in the last chapter, which I suspected nearly three-quarters of the way through. It was like a satirical Sixth Sense. While it was clearly a satirical read, it was difficult to discern how far the line was pushed. Did anyone’s boss really push them into planking?



#fashionvictim: A Novel by Amina Akhtar


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