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Stop me if you heard this one.

You head to a favorite online store. Search cashmere (or leather, tweed, madras, seersucker…) Your interest is piqued when you find a dreamy wool – cashmere sweater dress. Lose your ever loving mind when you notice that the dress is available in tall (petite if you are a tiny person, bless your heart). And when you find out that it is 40 percent off with an additional 20 percent off on top of that and free shipping? Forget it. I will take it in two colors.

Never mind that the cashmere component is a mere eight percent; just keep the fabric fiber content in mind when you put that dress in your virtual shopping bag and when you see the reduced price. If the content includes acrylic, this is the end of the story.

I initially discovered the camel version. I have been looking for a camel wool or cashmere sweater – crew, vee, turtleneck, cardigan, it doesn’t matter – and I have not been able to hunt one down. Until last week when I found this stunner. My wardrobe was missing this classic color that I yearned to wear with a preppy AF navy blue wool blazer, complete with gold buttons. While it was not part of the then-current promotion, I played the long-game (okay, week long-game) and waiting for the promotion on promotion and ultimately scored it for little more than half of the original price.

I fell in love with the pink version as it looks like something worn by the mean girl in the 1980s teen movie. Hate me for it – I even kind of hate myself for it – but this is an aesthetic that I love and want to emulate and with my gray suede ankle boots, I think it will be easily achievable.


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