Row Way, Row How

I have always loved the look of a rowing blazer. Typically reserved for the guys, my husband refuses to sport one. Way too stuffy for him. He draws the line at embroidered corduroys and even then will drag his feet about wearing them. Only when I gifted a pair along with a set of L.L. Bean Duck Books tricked out with Gore-Tex and Thinsulate, did he get stoked on the style. I just love that New England-ish look on him.

But back to the rowing blazer. The closest I have ever gotten to participating in crew is using the erg machine at the gym and through a best friend and bridesmaid (Hi, Erin!) who dominated the sport throughout high school. Also, who does not love to watch a regatta?

You gotta regatta, bag with a lotta, stuff in it, give it to your friend, let’s spin… Pipe up in the comments if you know what lyric I just adapted.

I skipped purchasing a tipped blazer in tall from J.Crew back in 2012 -2013 and I have had next level passer’s remorse. I should have bought the cream version with the black tipping, the navy version with the white tipping, or the gray version with the white tipping. My practical side won out, as I already had both a gray and a blue schoolboy blazer and off white peacoat with black tipping, all from J.Crew and all of which have been staples in my wardrobe. I have stalked eBay, ThredUp, and TheRealReal for a 10 tall in any tipped lightweight wool style. No luck.

When Brooks Brothers released their pre-fall line at the end of August, I quite figuratively (not literally, mind you) lost my shit. I spent a solid hour in the dressing room this morning trying on styles I have had my eye on since pre-Labor Day, as well as more recent releasesThe tennis sweater I have always wanted? I literally – as in twenty minutes before writing this – just ordered it, along with the twill rowing blazer, and a pair of rugby socks. I sure do love a good athletic-inspired garment.

I was so jazzed to see that another rowing jacket was added recently. Rather than the super smooth style released earlier in the year, the colorway and the fabric content deviated. I did not hate it; rather it was difficult to reconcile the heavier weight with the 60 degree weather outside. Along with the limited size run on the Brooks Brothers sales floor, I bypassed trying it on.

Maybe in another month.

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