Muse Monday: Weird Sisters

In the spirit of spooky (has that been the buzzword for the past month or what?), I binged the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina over the weekend. Decidedly different than the sitcom that I, and likely you grew up with on the ABC TGIF lineup, it was darker than what I thought it would be, especially since it was developed as a companion series to Riverdale for the CW network.

The Weird Sisters made their first appearance in the pilot episode as antagonists, but their roles in the series, or at least the first season, fluctuated from enemies to allies with Sabrina Spellman. They were quite literally The Plastics or the Constance Billard Mean Girls of this series. And I was here for it!

Trivia bit: Did you know that their collective name in the series is a reference to Macbeth?Β 

I wish there were more photos online of their costumes because it is truly next level, but as the series is less than a week old, I will be updating as more stills are released.

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