Satchel Royale

I just scored another NWT Foley + Corinna satchel from eBay. I should really stop watching season one of Gossip Girl and drinking a solo bottle of wine in the same night. Bids happen. Best Offers happen. At least I am buying second hand and really committing to the ethical style pyramid. Glass half full?

This is a bag that we can all get on board with. Oversized, enough to fit your iPad, laptop, Diet Coke, and dad issues. Zipper compartments for lipstick and tampons. Interior pocket for cell phone. Who are we kidding? My cell phone is permanently attached to my right hand.

Even better? The new iterations are made in vegan leather and a much more reduce price point than they were in 2007. Even though I have a slate blue satchel, I am coveting this sky blue version, especially since it is larger in scale than the two I already carry. Large enough to tote around a six pack of Diet Coke!



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