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This past year has been an absolute whirlwind of activity both professionally and personally. Never did we think we would be able to share recipes with anyone, let alone have a weekly spot on Lucindervention, to share our journey in the kitchen. Through these past nine months we shared everything from complete meals to side dishes to seasonal favorites. Since the start of the new year is the best time for reflection, we chose five recipes from the past year that are standouts.

Monkfish Tacos

We wanted our first post on Lucindervention to start with a bang but perhaps we were a little too ambitious; however; we thought that our take on the classic dish would be our best foot forward representing who we are as chefs.  Marinating the fish and adding classic combination of cabbage and avocado is not only absolutely delicious but a little extra for the home cook. I think we learned from that early misstep and started moving our mindset from the restaurant to the home kitchen.


This recipe came straight from Andi. She absolutely loves this dish and asks about once a month for me to make it regardless of the season or temperature. Perfect for spreading on a turkey sandwich (her preferred method of eating it) to enjoying it simply with tortilla chips. It is the ultimate crowd pleaser.

Apple Butter

This dish was a first for us. Never before had we used a slow cooker for any recipe nor had we made this recipe. It took several attempts to make it presentable enough to share on the blog. Needless to say, our coworkers at the restaurant had their fill on outtakes that were too acidic, too sweet, or not spicy enough. We learned our chef really dislikes cinnamon after we had him try a spoonful that had double the amount of cinnamon that was in the final recipe. Once we had the recipe dialed in, the response from everyone was overwhelmingly positive.

Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

Like we stated in the blog post, we really love brussel sprouts. Those little cabbages have endless possibilities. The addition of bacon sets this recipe over the top. Cliched, but bacon makes everything better. This recipe needs to be on everyone’s radar. Make it for your next potluck, dinner party, or next meal

Moroccan Hummus

This recipe was our first introduction to exotic ingredients. Harissa is now a staple in our pantry; we add it to just about everything and everything. We had a massive hummus issue in our house, as we went through about a twelve ounce tub a week thus costing a pretty penny. With this recipe, we not only saved some money, but we were able keep enjoying our favorite healthy snack.

Here is to the new year and the endless opportunities that the kitchen can bring. – Joe


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