Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: 2018 Standout Stories

This year I am going to do a better job at being sustainable. I already have plans to give up my SUV in June, which I am certain will significantly reduce my carbon footprint. Until then, I have big plans to cut down on my indulging on clothing. Did you know that next to oil, the clothing industry is the world’s largest source of pollution?

Marinate on that.

I am going to delve deeper into my Shopping Moratorium 2019 tomorrow, but in the meantime, I want to leave you with a round up of sartorial sustainability focused news pieces of the past year.

Kindly excuse any errors I made in citations. My memorization of the Chicago Manual style is clearly fuzzy.

Let’s meet back here next Sunday and the Sunday after and discuss sustainability in fashion. From the above pieces, I think we can conclude that 2018 was sustainability’s breakout year in the clothing industry. Let’s do better in 2019.

Count me in. Are you? Sound off in the comments.


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