Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 7/358

Shopping Moratorium 2018 was an amazing and worthwhile exercise. Though at first glance, it would not look like I succeeded based on how much I shopped, I was forced to reflect on the frequency at which I treated myself and just how insane my consumption actually was. In a world where the clothing industry is second only to oil in terms of world pollution and as such I have tried so hard to take a stand in being sustainable, 2018 was my reality check. It took reflecting upon my monthly Shopping Moratorium 2018 series to understand that I am a part of the problem and I can stand to be more selective when it comes to adding to my (and my husband’s) closet.

Maybe a more frequent reminder to myself is just what I need not to go off the rails on the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale (and yes, I am aware that I am missing out on it right now, but I am handling the FOMO) or Nordstrom Semi Annual Sale. Seriously, don’t get me started on the bloggers who tout the latter with their dressing room selfies. Jig is up: we all know you are not even purchasing what you are promoting.

I discontinued my Muse Monday series with the conclusion of 2018. After a solid seventy weeks, I think I ran out of Muse-worthy people and besides that, I find real people who apply creativity to cultivate style to be even more interesting than that of those television or movie characters with a costume budget or well known people with endless resources. Other than the initial Monday of the month in which I will feature a Style Survey, I will check in with my progress.

As a result, I will be forced to be even more creative with what I already own, which to be honest is already quite extensive. If I find something that I grow obsessed with, rather than adding it to my virtual shopping back and blowing through the checkout in a capitalistic rage, I resolve to post about it. Let me share the goodness with you rather than hoard it in my closet, amirite?

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