Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 14/351

last week…

I renewed my commitment for a self-imposed Shopping Moratorium in 2019. What began as an experiment in sustainability and self control in 2018, I will seek to continue in 2019. For more about my experience in 2018, check out my year in review here. Save for the first Monday of the month – those are reserved for my Style Surveys – I am going to check in and review how I did the previous week. As I found from 2018, a monthly review is just not frequent enough.

So how did I do this past week? A $25 coupon tempted me to J.Crew, where I had my eye on this blazer. The promotion and the coupon would have reduced the price of the blazer down to $75; it still felt like a pricey purchase. Rather than buy the blazer, I wrote about the blazer and shared the marked down price. With that, my obsession with the item lessened. The practice of writing about it was completely cathartic.

So did I use the $25 coupon? Of course I did. It was a J.Crew specific rewards coupon, associated with my J.Crew credit card, of which I maintain zero balance every month thank-you-very-much. I knew I wanted to spend only what I had to in order to be able to use the coupon and definitely not $75.

Cut to me heading over to the online J.Crew Factory store.

  • There was a pair of earrings I had noticed at the end of last year. They were $9.50, from $24.50.
  • I bought a pair of flannel lined chinos for both my husband and my brother-in-law for Christmas (both in the dark green) and from what I understand they loved the pants. With the chinos marked down from $34.99 to $14, I bought my husband the navy blue version.
  • Along with the chinos, I bought my husband a pair of boxers to hit the $25 total. These were marked down with an additional 60 percent off to $4.

My first week of 2019: $9.50 + $14 + $4 = $27.50 + (free s&h) + 0.08 (tax) – $25 (coupon) = $2.58 total

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