Dreaming of Gingham

Do you smell that?

It smells like spring. Time to turn over your fall / winter wardrobe to spring / summer, shed the black opaque tights, incorporate ramps and rose into every meal for the next six months, make brunch plans for Easter Sunday, and set your clocks forward. (Reminder: Daylight Savings Time is this Sunday, people!) Do you have any Claritin on you?

True, spring does not officially start for another two weeks but I like to get a jump on the seasons. Case in point: I flipped my closet three weekends ago. Granted I have an upcoming life event approaching that required the haste, (Calm down people, I am not with child. #pop #fizz #clink #chug) but more about that this Saturday. For the inevitable freak snow storm that follows an eighty degree high day, I kept a capsule wardrobe pulled for the remaining winter weather days that require layers. 10/10 recommend.

With springs comes some of my favorite fabrics and patterns. Madras, seersucker, and linen? Give me a hell yeah! (Y’all echo back: Hell yeah! #testify) Gingham? I have a little less jubilance for it. It definitely has to do with the surge in popularity. I always say that it is time to ditch a trend when you see one of your high school teachers sporting it on Facebook. Looking at you Cult Gaia bamboo basket bag.

Because gingham is a little less ubiquitous and tied to the summer of 2016 and a little more timeless, the pattern of picnic tablecloth dreams gets a pass.

It smells like spring. Cue allergies.


clockwise from upper left: bucket bag // shift dress  (available in standard, petite, and tall sizing) // pump // sun dress (available in standard, petite, and extended sizing) // trench coat (available in standard, petite, and extended sizing) // tank suit // sandal // ball skirt // scarf // maxi dress


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